Liebe #Spaßbieter bei #eBay (und auch anderswo)...

...Ihr kotzt mich an.

Sorry für die rüde Ausdrucksweise, aber mir fällt nichts anderes mehr dazu ein.

Ich habe in dieser Woche ein paar Telefone bei eBay verkaufen wollen - so, wie ich es regelmäßig mache. Effektiv sind von fünf Auktionen drei gescheitert, weil die Käufer aus fadenscheinigen Begründungen vom Kauf zurückgetreten sind.

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Image Gallery: Deutsches Technikmuseum October 2017

Last week, my family and I visited the Deutsche Technikmuseum in Berlin, a very interesting place. Here you can virtually stroll through history, you can experience trains, planes, cars, ships as well as photography or jewellery.

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I had a blog from around 2002 until around 2014, called "Karsten Samaschke: Los jetzt!", which translates to "Karsten Samaschke: Come on, now!" and targeted myself for being not too lazy. I loved it, but I abandoned it for social networks and due to myself being ... lazy. 

I also had other blogs, especially my "Family Blog" was something I really liked, but I abandoned this one around 2011 as well because I respected my kid's privacy and didn't wanted them to show up on the internet without their consent, once they reached a specific age.

Now, I'm back.

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